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Canalis loudspeakers are currently developed and manufactured in Cooper City , Florida,by Audio Encounter Solutions. Founded in 2011 by Allen Perkins, Canalis is a collaboration with Joachim Gerhard, founder of Audio Physic. Since their initial meeting in 1991, Joachim and Allen have worked to understand what creates an emotionally moving listening experience, and how to create audio components that deliver one.

Joachim is known for his gift of creating technically accurate speakers by combining his knowledge of physics, electronics and psychoacoustics with cutting edge design tools. Laser interferometry and advanced computer modeling are just part of his research arsenal.

Building on more than 20 years of experience, Allen uses a development method he calls Balanced Force Design® to conceive and develop every Canalis loudspeaker. The interaction between idealized design concepts, materials, and engineering possibilities are balanced in components that are pleasing to look at and operate, extremely reliable, and always convey the music.

In creating every Canalis speaker the finest component parts are assembled and extensive listening tests and computer analysis are employed in final development. Our loudspeakers deliver superb reproduction from decor oriented, eco friendly, bamboo cabinets. It’s a balance of physics, engineering, science, art and intuition.