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  • The Cabinets

Attending to basics and having tight control over production and quality assurance are key to what we do at Canalis. Building our loudspeakers in the USA – including the cabinets – improves efficiency and provides access to the best technologies and materials.

Speaking of designers it’s a heady feeling thinking we’ve discovered or created the latest magic material that will assure extraordinary performance. That excitement can sometimes lure us away from obvious solutions – even to solutions that create a new set of compromises at “cost no object” prices. Inevitably, Mother Nature is smarter than us all, and when it comes to solutions, she certainly has a few tricks up her sleeve. Such as... Bamboo

bamboo laminate close up


Every Canalis cabinet is made of bamboo, a material which offers an ideal combination of strength, rigidity, sonic neutrality and beauty. Our bamboo cabinet material is assembled from fine layers of parallel kiln dried bamboo strips. These strips are laid together either horizontally or vertically to create single-ply panels which are then cross-laminated to each other. One vertical panel is sandwiched by two horizontal panels and heat pressed to create our three-ply, cross-grain, vertical-core bamboo cabinet material. It is three to four times more dimensionally stable than oak. Due to the strength of bamboo, the random grain structure, and the multi-directional, layered construction, it is extremely stiff in multiple directions and very self-damped. It is not an exaggeration to say that bamboo is the Holy Grail of speaker cabinet material.

You just have to love Mother Nature.

available finishes

Canalis cabinets are available in honey, cinnamon, and licorice finishes.